Texas Government 2306 Test 2 Chapters 4-8 1. Describe the

Texas Government 2306

Test 2 Chapters 4-8

1.  Describe the history of Texas as a one-party state. Which party dominated Texas politics, and whatare the historical origins behind this dominance? What were some of the ramifications of one-partyrule? What caused the rise of a two-party system in Texas?

2.  Discuss and explain at least four reasons why Texas voter turnout is so low. What can be done toincrease voter participation?

3.  Not all interests are equally represented in Texas politics. Describe which interest groups have the mostpolitical clout and why? What are some interests that are not well represented in Texas, and why isthis the case? What have been some practical effects of these differences in lobbying power?

4. Describe how a bill becomes a state law. Consider the following questions: Who writes bills? What are the rules for debate on the floor? What are some of the powers of the governor throughout this process?

5. Why is Texas’s lieutenant governor considered the most powerful politician in the state? Be specific.

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