In this assignment, you will select one biology research article

 In this assignment, you will select one biology research article to summarize.  


Introduction – Give a brief introduction (1-3 sentences) to give the necessary background to the study and state its purpose (in your own words). Why was the study conducted? What was it about?

Procedures – In your own words, describe the specifics of what this study involved. Who were the subjects? How were they grouped? What did they have the subjects do? Under what conditions? For how long? What was measured? What was being compared?

Findings – In your own words discuss the major findings and results. How useful or significant is this (what did the author(s) say about it?)

Conclusions – In your own words, summarize the researchers’ conclusions. What was the major outcome of the study?

Personal comments – Give your reaction to the study? Such as: What did you learn from the study? How might you apply the results in a future teaching/coaching/clinical application? Explain how this study might relate to the lab, lab topic, and/or your project.

Sources must be cited in CSE format

 2 – 3 pages in total 

Here is the link for the article: Zhang T, Ni C, Li C, Lu P, Chen D, Dong Y, Whetstine JR, Zhang Y, Xie Z. 2021. Isoflurane impairs oogenesis through germ cell apoptosis in C. elegans. Scientific Reports. 11(1). doi:10.1038/s41598-021-93737-0. 

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