APA FORMAT at least 750 WORDS 3 pages Martha Ballard’s

APA FORMAT at least 750 WORDS

3 pages

Martha Ballard’s diary provides an intriguing look into the lives of women in late eighteenth and early twentieth century Maine.  That it exists at all is rarity.  Martha Ballard’s life was both unique and ordinary and the pages of her diary reveal how men and women acted or reacted to the mundane and in some cases horrific aspects of life in Hallowell, Maine.  Ballard and her neighbors conformed to a set norms or role expectations based upon their gender.  As this was a society in which theology shaped both culture and government, religion informed how women as well as men were to comport themselves in their everyday lives, and dictated their relations with husbands, children, and neighbors.

 What does Martha Ballard’s life and work as a midwife reveal about the role that women played in this period in the health care of their communities?  In your answer, consider the social fabric (or web) in which Martha Ballard existed.

should be at least 750 words but no more than 1,250 words.  PLEASE include:

o Proper formatting and citations conforming to your chosen style guide.  This should include a cover page if you opt for APA, pagination, indenting paragraphs, one-inch margins, and double spacing.  See Purdue Owl for more information.

o Citation of quotation and information not found in common knowledge.

o A thesis articulated in an introductory paragraph.

o At least three specific examples to support your thesis (argument).

o A distinct conclusion that revisits your argument.

o A title that is fun and be creative.

DO NOT include:

o Contractions

o Colloquialisms, cliches, or idioms.

o Personal reflections – this is not the time to include how Martha Ballard’s life touched your own or how you do or do not have a shared experience with her.  Focus on the history!

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