Defining your Personal Brand in 3 steps (This is how


Defining your Personal Brand in 3 steps (This is how I would do the assignment)

1) Answer these questions 

· What is the organization/club/employer you are a part of? Sports Management program at Voorhees College

· Define three ways you influence, improve, or grow the organization? Mastermind projects, develop goals, level playing fields

· What attributes do you possess that benefits others? Futuristic & Analytical (Strategic Thinking), Competitive (Influence) Focus & Deliberate (Execution)

·  How does it benefit others? My strategic thinking allows others to explore the possibility of what could be as I analyze all the factors that could affect that possibility. My competitive nature encourages others to strive for the best while measuring progress against that of other performances. My focus and deliberate approach allow me to take serious care in making decisions. 

2) Create a Positioning Statement

· I help (organization/club/employer) to (three ways you influence, improve, grow) by (attributes) that (benefit to others). 

Ex: “I help individuals and groups that require sports management related services to mastermind projects, develop goals, and accumulate the necessary equity to level the playing field by my ability to strategically think about possibilities, competitiveness to strive for the best, and ability to follow through with plans with a focused and deliberate approach.” 

3) Think of two accomplishments in the last 6-12 months. Saved money, mastermind a project for the campus fitness center

· What did you do well? Developed a plan, set checkpoints/milestones, stayed diligent, and followed through with everything that I planned to accomplish.

· How does it fit into your life goals? The money saved helps to align me with my retirement saving goals, next home purchase, children’s savings, and miscellaneous. While the fitness center project builds my resume which will position me to negotiate more lucrative benefits by leveraging my value and learning how to design a fitness center as an independent business venture. 

Finally, you should always have a “Why” and a “Purpose” for what you are doing that links to a personal brand.

Ex: “My purpose is to serve as a mentor and mentoring is simply sharing successful experiences without the pain of the failures from gaining the experiences.” (Links to an external site.) 

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