The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted the way organizations and individuals

 The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted the way organizations and individuals do  business. Some of these adaptations may become permanent, offering unique  advantages and opportunities. After you do some individual research and some group  brainstorming, prepare a SWOT Analysis for Post University in this pandemic era. Instructions: • This is a group assignment. o You will be assigned a group in Blackboard. o You will collaborate with your group members to prepare the SWOT. o Your participation for the assignment will be based on the quality of your  contributions in the group chat. • As a group, you will prepare a SWOT analysis for Post University and their  response to the pandemic. o You will be assessing Post, not as a student, but as an expert analyzer. • You can easily create the SWOT graphic in a Word document or from an editable template you found online. • You will submit along with your SWOT graphic, a two-page explanation of your  SWOT and your rationale for highlighting the noted points. Requirements: • One submission per group in a Word document in APA format. • No more than two pages in length. • You will include a reference page for any references used. 

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