Discussion 1 Questions Based on Module 1 Readings 1. Compare

 Discussion 1 Questions Based on Module 1 Readings 

1. Compare the views of Don Shultz (1996) and Geoff Ramsey from Emarketer (2006)  on marketing communications integration and identify similarities and  differences of MarCom integration approaches discussed. Illustrate your view with  real-world examples by brands (e.g. show a brand that has evolved its MarCom  integration strategy and support your arguments with links to their campaigns). 2. Analyze the Marketing Communications mix (mailed coupons, emails, social media,  TV advertising, etc.) utilized by Birchbox, a cosmetics subscription service, and discuss its weaknesses and strengths. Based on your analysis, propose an innovative  marketing communications campaign for similar subscription services (e.g. MeUndies,  Blue Apron, etc.) 

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