Review the first three sections of the following video: Legal


Review the first three sections of the following video: Legal Requirements Video (SBA/21:00).

The sections include: Legal Requirements Overview, Determining Your Requirements, and Registering and Licensing.

Assignment Details

After reviewing the Legal Requirements video, download the Legal Start-Up Checklist (DOCX)

Download Legal Start-Up Checklist (DOCX) and respond to the twelve (12) legal questions, using the SBA information and other research. Responses must be clear and contain fully descriptive sentences that incorporate the question into the response. Responses can contain quotes. Include supporting citations (including page and source identification) for all sources.

The IRS requires you to obtain an IRS identification number similar to a Social Security number individuals use to file taxes. Locate the EIN Form S-44 at this site: Employer Identification Numbers (Internal Revenue Service).

 Download the document, complete it, and submit the form to your instructor. Note: part of this assignment is finding the download. Any direct information not available can be completed using fictitious information consistent with the case study.

Submission Instructions

Upload the following documents:

  • Start-up Legal Checklist
  • A copy of the completed IRS EIN form 44-S

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