Assignment Overview: For this assignment all students will be using

Assignment Overview: For this assignment all students will be using the same materials linked here. The type of organization you have been working with will not have a major bearing on your analysis or responses. The goal of this assignment is to apply the policy review analysis strategies and techniques we have been discussing during lectures. Analyzing cyber insurance policies and understanding how coverage applies to claims takes direct experience and practice reviewing many different types of policies. This assignment is designed to give you some practice examining a full cyber insurance policy in the context of a simulated real-world example.

Assignment Structure

  1. Documentation – Each student will be provided the following documents to complete the assignment:
    1. Assignment Instructions & Cyber Insurance Policy Review Worksheet (this document)
    2. Sample Cyber Insurance Declarations Page – “UBTech CySure Declarations Page”
    3. Sample Travelers Cyber Insurance Policy – “Travelers Cyber Risk Policy Form Sample”
  2. Grading – This assignment will be graded on a 100 point scale with 50 points per section. 
    1. The first 10 questions have a right or wrong answer and all answers can be found in the Sample Cyber Insurance Declarations Page. This section is worth a total of 50 points. 
    2. The second set of 6 questions are a bit more challenging and are based on your interpretation of policy language Insuring Agreements, Definitions and Exclusions. These questions will be graded based on level of effort, accuracy and thought put into your responses. This section is worth a total of 50 points.

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