The purpose of this activity is to provide you with


The purpose of this activity is to provide you with an opportunity to research a “fad diet” / common weight loss approach in order to form an understanding of this eating style. For this activity, the intention is for you to debate the pros AND cons of a “fad” diet of your choice. My intent through having to argue both sides is I hope you come away with a more broad understanding of the topic than if you went into your research and hopefully limited the potential of bias trying to support only your current feelings. Having an understanding of pros and cons can help you as future health/fitness professionals really understand these eating styles more holistically. 


1) You will select a “fad diet”/ common weight loss approach and conduct research into the topic. You should have at minimum (2) scholarly, credible sources and include citations. 

2) You will construct an argument FOR the diet/weight loss approach. This should be 3-5 sentences long explaining the potential benefits of the diet plan. 

 ** Note this is not intended to be a promotion of diet culture. Consider this more of an exploration of why these “fad diets” become popular or how this style of eating could be helpful in certain situations. 

3) You will construct an argument AGAINST the diet. This should be 3-5 sentences long explaining the risks and/or downfalls of the diet plan. 

4) You will provide your conclusions and recommendations after considering both the pros and the cons. This should be 4-6 sentences outlining your recommendations and how you came to those. You are welcome to include personal anecdotes, just be sure to differentiate between science-backed evidence and your (or someone you know) lived experiences. 

Once you have completed the steps above you will submit your document as directed. 

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