6 Pages analysis and 10 PowerPoint Slides: Select a company

6 Pages analysis and 10 PowerPoint Slides:

  • Select a company and a KM Technology that you find relevant (It can be the company you work for or a KM Technology that you know well – Do NOT investigate the same from previous assignments). 
  • Research the KM Technology tool that you will be analyzing (retrieve a minimum of 6 Peer Reviewed Journals.  You can consult with a Librarian for help or use ResearchGate, as advised in previous assignments.
  • Research the definition of KM, and KM Tools, then focus on your chosen KM tool.
  • Use the APA template provided (You should NOT remove the headings: cover page, abstract, keywords, introduction, etc. You can add subheadings as you find appropriate)
  • Use proper APA format for quotations, citations, paraphrasing.
  • In the body of your project make sure that you address the followings:
    • a)Define the terms, KM Tools and Technologies,
    • b)Define the term of your chosen KM Technology (Examples: Google, Canvas, Youtube, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Tableau, etc). Again, you can investigate any KM tool of your preference
    • c)Present a relevant analysis, including: list of benefits, challenges, and opportunities such KM technology present to the company you are analyzing.

Your analysis MUST present the 6(six) dimensions of KM- in the body of the document, after the Introduction. See list below:

  • Strategy-KM and data management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Processes
  • Management & Leadership
  • Technology
  • Politics

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