NEED HELP STUDYING Assignment 1 Topic: Climate Change and Human


Assignment 1 


Climate Change and Human Health 

In Unit 4, we discussed human body systems, and in Unit 5, we are discussing conservation and biodiversity. Let’s use what we have learned to explore the complex interactions between climate change, the environment, and human health. 

Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities are driving climatic changes.

Climate mitigation is the concept of taking action to reduce or prevent the emissions of greenhouse gases. Climate mitigation actions typically have health co-benefits. For example, implementing renewable energy technologies means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and also reduced emissions of particulate matter thus improving air quality which will translate into overall improved pulmonary health. This improved health outcome is an example of a health co-benefit. These health co-benefits may have maximum impact on already vulnerable populations (e.g. those with asthma). Current mitigation strategies will likely not be able to reverse the change in climate that has already occurred.

Adaptation strategies help people adjust to climate change impacts, such as worsened air quality, by altering behavior or way of life. An example of an adaptation strategy would be limiting outdoor exercise near major roadways to reduce exposure to greenhouse gas emissions. Through changes in human behavior, we may be able to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on human health.  

Climate change mitigation strategies confer co-benefits to human health and adaptation strategies can reduce negative health impacts.

After reading the article that is attached “TEMPERATURE RELATED DEATH AND ILLNESS 

write a paragraph, minimum of 100 words, in which you address all of the following points:

1.  What environmental condition(s) may arise in response to your chosen climate change topic?

2.  What negative health effect(s) may arise from exposure to this/these environmental condition(s)?

3.  How could climate mitigation impact health outcomes with regards to your specific climate change topic? What would be relevant health co-benefit(s) of climate mitigation?

4.  Come up with 2 adaptation strategies that individuals can incorporate into their life to adjust to the climate change impacts discussed in your chosen article.

5.  Come up with 1 adaptation strategy that society (your local community) can adopt or enact to adjust to the climate change impacts discussed in your chosen article. 

6.  Discuss any pros or cons of your listed adaptation strategies either from an economic, social, or environmental perspective.

See the introductory section above for definitions and examples of climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. If you are having trouble coming up adaptation strategies, try searching the internet for inspiration. Do not use my adaptation strategy example.

Background reading if you need some inspiration for adaptation strategies:


Go to the Concord Coalition web page linked below. The Concord Coalition is a non-partisan organization trying to help the U.S. Government reduce its growing national debt, which stands today at nearly $29 trillion. Read the entire page and then post a summary of the challenges the retirement and healthcare systems face in the coming years. MAKE SURE YOU WRITE A PARAGRAPH WITH 8 SENTENCES

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