My first reaction to the memoir is a sadden one,


My first reaction to the memoir is a sadden one, that kids think they are supposed to be a dumb version from everyone else, just because of their heritage or because the world tells them they have to be. This should not be the world we live in, but it’s the reality of it. He stated in his words that “We were Indian children who were expected to be stupid. Most lived up to those expectations inside the classroom but subverted them on the outside.” I am amazed that the author did not let that deter him from learning to read and not be like his peers or what everybody expected him to be. I oved that h decided to change his live to fit what he wanted and not the world.

My own story of learning is kind of the same, we as African Americans they think we are not smart, or we only suppose to be dead or in jail. The statistics of us is bad, but I choose to be different from that level. Going back to school is showing me that no matter what I can be what I choose to be and not what they world portray me as. I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar and people always laughed and said my kind was not supposed to be playing guitars, but I didn’t let that stop me from learning. So, I took classes and got a guitar and learned everything I know by myself.

In the Ted talk by Jiabao Li “Art that reveals how technology frames reality,” she states “Take the glasses I usually wear, for example. These have become part of the way I ordinarily experience my surroundings. I barely notice them, even though they are constantly framing reality for me. The technology I am talking about is designed to do the same thing: change what we see and think but go unnoticed.” I too wear glasses on a regular basis and sometimes I do not notice them on my face. My glasses are a step for me to see the world around me the way everybody else sees it. Without my glasses I see the world the way I would see it, a blur. Technology plays a huge factor I our lives, without it kids will lose their minds lol. Technology shows us things that we can’t see every day, it gives an insight of things around the world

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