You are preparing to do a job search for your

You are preparing to do a job search for your desired career in human resources in health care. You begin an occupational search by researching websites to survey job outlook, annual wages, job training requirements, and how much education or experience is needed to perform the job in your selected HR role.

Use the following occupational job search tools to assist you in your HR job search:

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

O*Net Occupation Keyword Search

You can use each site’s search function to enter additional keywords and explore specific HR jobs that might interest you.

Respond to the following prompts in at least 90 words each:

  • Identify your desired role/position in the health care industry. 
  • Detail the experience or skills you have that will make you a good fit for this role or position. Explain how your current skill sets are transferrable to the selected desired position and how you see yourself excelling in that role.

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