Debate between Edward Snowden and Fareed Zakaria

 1.) Please read the following paragraphs and answer the following questions: a.) How do we make backdoors for government while still keeping them secure? b.) Who do you think won the debate? c.) Were you already set of pro-privacy for everyone before and after the debate or were you swayed either way? From the debate between Edward Snowden and Fareed Zakaria relating to whether the government should have access to private encryption technologies or not I would strongly support that they shouldn’t. The debate was basically about an imposing side from Zakaria, a CNN host, who insisted that the government should have the authority to access all information and an opposing side which was represented by Snowden, a former NSA contractor, who was arguing that giving the government access to information just makes the information less secure. I believe that there might be some benefits that might come with the government having access to encrypted devices as it might give them the information they need to prevent malicious activities and even save lives. However, we still have to acknowledge the fact that by making ‘backdoors’ to these devices and making them accessible to the government then we are evidently making them insecure at the same time. “The truth of the matter is that nothing is completely protected and if the device can be accessible to the government, then it surely can also be accessible to others; who might have malicious intentions (Rizzo, 2016)”. Apart from that, even though Zakaria made a point that a company should be able to create a system that can allow them to decrypt user information so that the government can have access when the need arises, the situation will still make the information less secure as the company will also have access to the system giving them the ability to exploit other people’s information and therefore making it less secure. Therefore, I would recommend that private encryption technologies be kept private, as is, as this is the best way to ensure that people’s information is kept private and secure. Reference: Rizzo, K. (2016, April 27). Fareed Zakaria and Edward Snowden Debate the Limits of Encryption. Retrieved from Law Street : /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| 2.) In two paragraphs, please answer the following question: A lot of people have said that a firewall is just a speed bump for a hacker to gain entry into a network. Do you believe that this is true, or not? Please perform a few paragraphs stating your opinion regarding the validity of a firewall. /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| 3.) In two paragraphs, please answer the following question: Do an internet search and look up the different between packet filtering firewalls, and stateful inspection firewalls. In your own words, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both, and which type of firewall would you use at your business? /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| /| 4.) Research the cyber-attack on Estonia from the Russian government. Write a 2 page paper detailing what was done, and how could it have been prevented. Also be sure to discuss any lessons learned from this cyber-attack.

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