The Healthy People 2020 Topic is: Diabetes

In this part of the Community Project Written Assignment, you will determine for whom the intervention will be focused (women at a civic organization, senior men at a faith-based organization, young mothers at a health department program, etc.). Then, you will develop an evidence-based health education intervention work plan to address the Healthy People 2020 topic identified and supported by the community assessment.

The Healthy People 2020 Topic is: Diabetes


Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you include the following criteria:


    Problem Statement: Summarize the nursing diagnosis you identified in Assignment 1 and provide a brief description of the population (Example: YMCA Silver Sneakers Program in Norfolk, VA) for which the intervention is intended within the community.

Nursing Diagnosis: Risk of Infection

Community: Jacksonville, Florida


    Evidence of Intervention’s Effectiveness: Is the intervention (workshop, PowerPoint didactic presentation, return demonstration, etc.) you are considering based on evidence for teaching or promoting health in your population of interest? Write a brief paragraph noting evidence that your proposed intervention has been shown to be an effective intervention for the problem statement (community diagnosis). Include supporting information from scholarly sources such as journal articles.


    Goal: Determine the goal you hope to accomplish with the intervention. Example: To educate older adults at the YMCA Silver Sneakers Program, Norfolk, VA about the cardiovascular benefits of a healthy diet.


        Objectives: Write two to three (2-3) outcome objectives for achieving your intervention’s goal, focusing on what the intervention participants may attain as a result of participation. Make sure these fit within the timeline for the intervention and are not contingent upon participants’ actions after the intervention. The linked document, writing SMART objectives, will guide you in writing your goal and outcome objectives. 


        Lesson Plan: Formulate a detailed lesson plan [All of the steps that will need to be taken to implement the intervention(s)]. This should include:

            Where, when, and how it will be carried out;

            Who will participate;

            How long it will take a nurse to prepare (prep time);

            How long will the program/intervention take;

            What will a nurse need in terms of time, supplies, and resources to carry out the intervention;

            Step-by-step instructions for the intervention (e.g., introductions, purpose of the intervention, icebreaker, and closing). Teaching tools (e.g., handouts) should be included as an appendix.

            The recommended timeline for implementation: You will include a target date for each step of the intervention. You may find this tool helpful in developing your timeline:




        Explain how you would evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention (e.g., a pre- and post-test and an evaluation tool; Likert scale tool with questions/statements such as “the presenter is knowledgeable”). Remember the evaluation should directly relate to achievement (or not) of the goal and objectives of the intervention. Include any evaluation tools you would plan to use in the appendix, as referenced in the body of the paper.

        Explain what successful implementation looks like, or results in, for the community and / or your population of focus.

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