Chapter 6: Everyday Violence, Bodies, Death and Silence

Chapter presentation guidelines: “Death Without Weeping” Nancy Scheper-Hughes. The presentation should be in 6 PPT slides, ~ 10 minutes long. You may embed a video of not more than 2 minutes but only if it helps illustrate your points.Avoid wordy slides. Summary concepts into short sentences.

The font should be big enough so that its readable by everyone.Use pictures more than words. ( pictures should be the ones in the book) Contents of presentation:Chapter title Start with a chapter summary, using few sentences. Give a verbal summary- do not have copious amounts of text on slides. Use pictures instead to help your audience understand your presentation.Follow the summary with a brief description goals of researcher and data collection methodsWhat were shortcomings and successes of the researcher?Do you have any comments on this chapter/ What are they?

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