Short Story- “The Red Convertible”

Description Short Fiction Essay Task: Write two to three pages in which you analyze a story “The Red Convertible” Topic: This is an open topic essay in general, but you should explore the ways in which authors illustrate the influences of their time, be those cultural, historical, gender-related, and/or social class. Theme/characterization/symbolism/meaning/language/point of view/narration are examples of elements you can employ in your analysis. What historical/cultural differences/behaviors do you see in these pieces that are outside those of your time and culture? Sources: You should find two scholarly sources to support your ideas, and you should also use textual evidence–quotations/summary from the stories themselves. Use MLA format for quotations and citing your sources. More info: Develop a clear thesis statement which makes some kind of assertion or argument. Remember, you should have topic sentences to help guide your reader through your paper. The topic sentences work to reinforce your thesis statement.

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