What was the connection between the Nazi regime’s military aims and

 Essay #6: The Holocaust HIS 4468: Europe in the World Wars, 1914-1945 Dr. Adam Hoose Spring 2019, Term 3 Essay Question: What was the connection between the Nazi regime’s military aims and its racial policies? Length: 1000-1300 words Instructions and Guidelines for the Essay: ü In a paper of this length, there is no room for waste, so move quickly to the main points of your argument. In most cases, it will be useful to keep your quotations brief. ü Essays should NOT be a mere regurgitation of the assigned readings or the lectures; rather, the essays should demonstrate analytical, critical thinking, and comprehension of the content. ü The Introduction should very briefly set the historical scene and then move onto to the thesis. ü Body Paragraphs: You begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence stating your argument or sub-thesis for that paragraph. Defend this claim as thoroughly as you possibly can, using evidence, facts, drawing connections, and providing a strong and rigorous analysis throughout the paragraph. ü Then write your conclusion. ü They should be 12 Times New Roman Font/Double-Spaced with one-inch margins. ü Include the word count at the top of the first page. ü Citation Format: o Sentence (Kershaw, 3). o “Quote” (Kershaw, 3). ü You can use sources other those assigned to the class, but if you do, please avoid doing google searches and instead use the library and the Troy University Databases. ü The essay is due at the beginning of class on the day it is due. ü Late essays will lose one letter grade for every day that they are late.

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