Competitive analysis of Audi

This is how the outline needs to be. (this is just an example of the outline but my paper needs to be about competitive analysis of Audi) I. Introduction: paragraph with a brief overview of the business of interest, the category to be researched (technology) and the purpose statement (including reference to the narrowed focus of batteries for electric cars). II. Body of the Report 1. Background 1. History of battery development 2. History of electric cars 2. Use of batteries in electric cars

1. Discussion of specific cars which use the technology and key features 2. Consideration of benefits and challenges of using batteries in electric cars 3. Recent advances in developing batteries which address identified challenges III. Summary of Findings 1. Key features of batteries used in electric cars 2. Key projected improvements of batteries used in electric cars IV. Conclusion

1. Reference a minimum of 10 reputable sources. Reputable publications are high quality periodicals such as the WSJ, Barron’s, etc. as well as trade journals and academic journals; note: blogs and Wikipedia are not good sources; reference to material presented in the course texts for the course may be used but do not count toward to minimum number of 10 reputable sources. 2. Minimal use of direct quotes; do not include sourced graphs or figures in the body of the paper; if necessary, present in the appendix to ‘enhance’ the paper. 3. The body of the term paper should be approximately eight-ten pages in length (ds, Times Roman, 12 pt,– use APA citation format with a separate reference page, page numbers on bottom right, full name on cover page).

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