Economics of a Monopoly- theory and economics of a monopoly

 use the following outline: Outline Section 1 – theory and economics of a monopoly Section 2 – advantages and disadvantages of a monopoly Section 3 – discuss with a recent case of monopoly, as in the web search engine company- Google, whose real repercussion is still not clear to most consumersly Section 4 – outlook on how world markets are opening up to each other and how competition and new government policies are restraining the growth of monopolies and their incessant power. ——————– RESEARCH OR INTERVIEW PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Choose 1 of the following 2 options for your Research or Interview Paper. Your paper will be at least 7 and at most 9 double-spaced pages for the main content (not including the cover page and reference page). Your choices include: 1. A research paper Steps for writing the research paper: a) Choose a topic in managerial economics. b) Submit the topic and the outline of the paper to the instructor anytime for approval. c) A minimum of 3 references besides the textbook are required. Liberty University library has excellent resources for your search for journals. All citations must be properly cited in current APA format. *The research paper is to be done individually, not as a group. **Do not wait until the last module/week to work on the paper. Do it as early as possible. ***A paper that was written for other courses will not be accepted for grading. Use the SafeAssign link in the Assignments folder in Module/Week 7 to verify that your paper consists of original material. A paper with more than 20% from SafeAssign would not be accepted.

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