Hackers in the U.S. in the 1980s.

Use reliable, scholarly sources to help you describe or tell your group’s origin story, its creation myth. Remember that this is myth, not history, so compose the creation story as such. In other words, mythologize the history of the group’s beginnings. It does not have to be true, but it should be rooted in some kind of actual historical event. Include elements of creation myths that you discovered in Week 4’s Learning Resources and Discussions. In your creation myth, include one or more of the group’s “others” whether they be monsters, villains, or enemies using some of the information you learned. Against whom does your group define themselves and why?

This “other” should have some roots in the actual history of the group. For instance, hackers might define themselves against cyber security experts, who could be made into an “other” in the story. Cite your sources using MLA style. Carefully edit and proof your essay for standard use of English.

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