Nonprofit Case Study: Examine the profession of nonprofit marketing

Includes Course Outcomes:

1) Assess the importance of marketing to both the internal and external environments in which nonprofits operate including the competitive environment of alliances, partnerships, mergers, cause marketing and social responsibility in order to effectively develop marketing programs that accomplish organizational goals.

5) Examine the profession of nonprofit marketing from both an academic and career-oriented perspective applying primary research towards experiential projects that simulate nonprofit marketing management responsibilities.

Open Source Material – Discussion Topics 3, 4 & 5

Bloom’s for the Nonprofit Case Study:

Remembering – finding, storing, recalling and describing information.  

Understanding – explaining and constructing meaningful ideas and concepts.                                                                                                                                    

In this eight-page (includes cover page) assignment, you will be conducting an in-depth analysis of a nonprofit organization’s marketing efforts assuming the role of a nonprofit marketing professional. There is a three-step process to this assignment as outlined below. You can continue to use the same nonprofit you chose for the marketing research journal or choose a different one. Since this assignment builds on the first one you may find some of the information already researched, even if you select a new nonprofit, will come in handy!

Multimedia/Social Media: These are sites I think you should be familiar with and suggest the use of at least ONE these sites towards the assignment. The purpose here is to introduce you to sites you may not be familiar with and to apply them in the context of a specified learning outcome, in this case, your Case Study.

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