Writing Assignment #4: Research-Based Report to a Decision-maker

Summary of assignment • Task: You write a report that does the following: o defines a problem persuasively and accurately o proposes a solution or solutions to the problem or issue o presents that solution to a decision-maker or group of decision-makers who can implement the recommendation

• Topic: You will choose the same topic on which you wrote the memo for writing assignment #3. • Length: 2000-3000 words • Format: Your sources will be cited and listed in APA format. • Writing Process: You will submit a first draft of the report to the assignment folder. The first draft will be given comments by the instructor. After receiving comments from the instructor, you will submit a revised draft. The final draft will be graded.

Primary and Secondary Sources

The report must incorporate the results of your own primary research. When integrating primary research, you must explain the method(s) you used to gather that research and insert a copy in your report’s appendices of any collection instrument you used. For example, if you interviewed some people for the report, you would put the list of interview questions you asked in the appendix. If you arranged for a group of people to take a survey, you would put the survey in the appendix. The complete report should also cite at least seven secondary sources.

At least three of these secondary sources should come from peer-reviewed, scholarly journals. As noted above, your primary and secondary sources will be integrated into the paper to explain the problem, to provide evidence of the problem, and to support the solution. Please note that, if you interview people for your research, you must cite the interviews in your paper. In the paper, you cannot simply write that you “spoke with employees.” A URL that shows how to cite an interview in APA citation style is provided in the list of components for the report. 

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