Aesthetic analysis of a self-chosen digital work

The entire course is about the relationship between aesthetics and digital media. It introduces critical, aesthetic analysis and reception of digital art and culture. The focal point is the challenges that digital media provide aesthetics, art and culture in a current and historical perspective – mostly current perspective. The historical is fundamental in order to understand the current perspective. In the evaluation of this paper, emphasis will be placed on the extent to which the writer: – demonstrates knowledge about digital media’s cultural and aesthetic theoretical problems. – demonstrates understanding of the digital field’s aesthetic history and theory. – is able to apply aesthetics theory of the digital field for analytical purposes and in relation to specific digital works. It’s up to the writer which concrete work that is to be analysed (with approval from me).

It could be a specific video game or a comparison between two or more video games or a new phenomena on the internet: in short, works where it would make sense to apply aesthetic analysis. – is able to organise quantity of material and the form of presenting, taking into account the accurary of the argumentation. Structure of assignment: * Introduction An account Analysis Discussion

* Conclusion Keep in mind that a common thread throughout the paper is required. The task is 12-15 pages where one page is 2.400 characters including spaces. This means that the paper should be between 28.800-36.000 characters (including spaces). Also, the paper should be fully cited. References to which page an argument or a quote is from is required. Check with me which citing-style you want to write in. Also, you’re not allowed to use the text or parts of the text anywhere for other people to see. This is strictly a paper that can only be seen by you and me and only used by me. First step: Read. Read a lot. Take notes. See advised literature below. Second step: Come up with ideas of a work that correspond with the description at the top of this document.

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