How Global Warming effects Zoologists Research on animals

1) Research an ethical issue in your intended career field. Argue for what members of the profession should do related to this issue. (For instance, an ethical issue in English college teaching is how to deal with literary works that are significant in the field but which might be offensive or hurtful to students, such as Tom Sawyer or Lolita. If you select this topic, you will be writing as a future professional, addressing other future professionals or professionals in your field.

Assume that the person does not know a lot abut the ethical issue, so give a full background on it, including the two or more sides related to the issue. Your purpose is to give advice on what a professional or a professional organization should do regarding the ethical issue. In my example, for instance, a paper might be addressed to the members of a college English department arguing that the department should have a policy regarding whether controversial literary works should be used, guidelines for choosing them if they are used, and suggestions for how to work with students with these, such as standard language to be used on a syllabus.

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