Operational database and CRM technologies and products

Task 3 . For the specified case study, by conducting suitable, fully referenced research, advise the board, in your role as MIS consultant, on suitable technological solutions to implement the following ideas:

• Operational database and CRM technologies and products

• Data warehousing, data mining and data analytics (‘big data’) options

• Cloud-based and out-sourced data management platforms & services

• Web-based and mobile (24 x 7) access to all these platforms For each category, describe the key concepts, applications and business benefits before looking in detail at least one specific real-world example from each category. Be sure to include a website image and the full web address of each product. Whereabouts in this case study organization will each of these technologies be best used? Who will use them and for what purpose? (750 words) (25 marks) (LO3) 

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