What assessment and labs must you obtain for this visit before

Casey, a 17-year-old female, G0P0, presents to the clinic asking for a contraceptive method. She shares that she has never used any birth control except for foam purchased over the counter. She says her boyfriend uses condoms, but not all the time. She has had 3 lifetime partners beginning with her first boyfriend at age 15. This is her first visit for an exam and she is “kind of scared.” She says that the last time she and her boyfriend had sex, they did not use condoms or foam. She heard her friend talk about a shot, but she is afraid of needles and wants to know what else she can use. She shares that she has never been ill, does not take any medication, smokes marijuana on the weekends with her boyfriend, and sometimes drinks alcohol. On exam, her height is 5′ 2″, weight is 105lbs, and BP is 110/62

. 1. What additional history is required before discussing birth control options?

2. What assessment and labs must you obtain for this visit before prescribing hormonal contraceptives?

3. Which contraceptive methods will suit her needs? And why? Which methods are not recommended for Casey and why? 4. What information will you provide regarding each contraceptive method recommended? 5. What additional education will you provide for Casey?

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