QB5501 Managing Human Resources Assessment 2: Individual essay

What are some of the key HRM issues a US or European multinational may face in setting up an office in Qatar?


Identify a large, well known multinational company of your choice that does NOT currently have a base in Qatar. The purpose of this assignment is to review and evaluate some of the HRM issues it would face if it decided to open an office in Qatar. You have to focus on two topics, outlined below, each of which should be evaluated in equal depth. In evaluating each topic, you should link to, and utilise relevant HRM literature, concepts, and examples to develop and illustrate your argument


This is a 2,500 word assignment, which is made up of two parts, each of which have a maximum word length of 1,000 words. (You should also have a 250 word introduction and conclusion).


Part 1: International HRM and expatriates

A key issue involved with a foreign multinational setting up an office in Qatar is the need for expatriate workers to move to, and work in Qatar. Using your knowledge of relevant academic literature discuss some of the most significant HRM issues a foreign multinational is likely to face in moving overseas, expatriate workers to work in Qatar.


Part 2: Reward and Performance Management

Using your knowledge of relevant academic literature discuss the reward and performance management issues a multinational is likely to face in setting up an office in Qatar. In addressing this topic, think about the type of reward and performance management systems that are likely to be suitable for use with expatriate workers in Qatar, and the issues that may be involved in making them successful.

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