Gun control (Position Paper)

Communication is used to inform, to persuade and to analyze. In the Week 5 Position Paper, the writer will persuade the reader of his point of view by supporting a thesis with objective facts and evidence. Take a look at this 5 paragraph essay Persuasive essay flowchart. If you want to know which citation style […]

Book review of Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Post-War Canada,

Since the review will be short, you will have to think carefully about what the main points of the book really are, and avoid everything that is not absolutely essential to the arguments presented in the book. Your review should present the key arguments made in the book, and say whether they are empirically well-supported […]

Obesity, Childhood Obesity

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of this assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions. 1. The assignment should be no more than four pages (excluding Title and References pages). 2. The assignment will include the following components. a. Title Page b. Introduction i. Purpose Statement ii. Practice Problem Identification iii. Role […]

Five-Year Career Plan (Paper) and Presentation

Research current career options available for BSN students, with a focus on your particular area of career interest (i.e., oncology nursing, OR nursing, etc.). After conducting research on requirements for practice, work experience requirements, etc. craft and then write a paper (5-10 pages) on your 5-year career plan beginning with your plan for graduation with […]

Architecture practice by validation of achievements

The HMONP (authorizes the management of work in his own name) qualification is a post training open to state-certified ARCHITECTS only. The order of the Minister of Culture dated July 20, 2005 specifies that it is for them to acquire, deepen or update their knowledge in three areas. The personal responsibilities of the project manager: […]

Health Economics and Analysis

These are some potential topics that you may wish to consider exploring in your paper. However, you are more than welcome to explore/come up with topics on your own that do not encompass this list. a. Healthcare implications of the opioid epidemic: i. Opioid-related mortality has been particularly high among the middle aged non-Hispanic White […]

Climate Change and Natural Disasters: How would you predict climate

This written assignment requirement is for a minimum of 5 double-spaced pages of text, submitted in APA format, using 12-point font. In addition, your paper should include a cover page, abstract and reference page. A minimum of two scholarly sources must be used. Rubric for Content Assessment Total Points Skills **** Demonstrates excellence in grasping […]

Telemedicine Case Study: Identify all critical elements and

You are an IT Director hired by a newly established business called “Best Care within Your Fingertips”. The company’s business plan is to provide telemedicine driven solution for improving accessibility of care to patients in rural areas. Your company’s headquarters and data center are located in a large metropolitan area and you have all the […]

BUSI 2701 Assignment # 1 – Country Analysis

You are an executive working at a large Canadian company that is considering expanding its foreign operations. The CEO has asked you to do an analysis of one of the target countries and provide a recommendation as to whether or not to proceed. The CEO is a very busy person so it is important that […]

Criminal Justice: Understanding Investigative Parameters

• Each question should be answered with a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs, so do your research, be specific, be detailed, and demonstrate your knowledge; submitting your project through the appropriate assignment folder. • Answers to the above questions should be submitted in a single Microsoft Word document (.DOC/.DOCX), with answers separated and/or numbered in respect […]