CIS1000 Assignment: Database Management System

Dr Gustav Holst retired in 2012 after a long career in Human Resource Management. To keep busy and to fulfil a lifelong dream, Dr Holst started a mail order musical instrument business, specialising in unique musical instrument related products called the “Holst’s Planets Music Emporium”. The business specialises in various types of imported musical instruments such as harps, bagpipes, banjos, xylophones, Hawaiian guitars, and mandolins to customers via mail order around Australia.

Dr Holst’s business has experienced a rapid growth in their mail orders. When Dr Holst first retired, the business bought a personal computer to help manage the books and finances.

Holst’s Planets Music Emporium is located at Shop 1, 10 Concerto Crescent, Toowoomba (about 100 km west of Brisbane). Their ABN is 137 168 521. Dr Holst can be contacted via phone on (07) 4633 4572; fax on (07) 4633 4574; or email on  

Dr Holst is extremely impressed with our computing firm “Celestial Technologies” and the business has contracted our firm to assist them in setting up their various computer-based information systems.

The first computer-based information system that Dr Holst is interested in is a Database Management System (DBMS) utilising Microsoft Access (any version from Access 2007 to current). The DBMS will store all the business’s customer details, information about the stock items that the business sells, the suppliers that the business uses and all postal order transactions for the business. It will allow Dr Holst to run a number of queries on the data, which the business has specified below, and they wish to be able to print out an invoice for each customer at the end of each month.

All phases in this project must be developed with professionalism and user-friendliness in mind.

Anne Vallayer-Coster, Attributes of Music, 1770.

Your firm’s Systems Analyst has developed a database structure that has been determined to be suitable to create a database to store Dr Holst’s customer, item, supplier and order data for the business, which has been provided as follows:

Table Specifications





Cust ID (Primary Key), Title, Family Name, Given Names, Date of Birth, Address, City, State, Postcode, Freight Distance (Km), Mobile Number, eMail Address, Mailing List.





Item ID (Primary Key), Classification, Instrument, Freight Weight (Kg), Supplier ID, In Stock, On Order, Cost Price (AT)
, Cost Price (LC)





Supplier ID (Primary Key), Supplier Name, Address, City, State, Postcode, Phone Number, Recommended MarkUp





Cust ID, Item ID, Order Date (Primary Key), Dispatch Date, Order Qty

Note: The primary key of the Orders table is a combined multiple-field key. It has three fields in one key.

Dr Holst has provided to us a partial list of the business’s customers, stock items, and suppliers and a partial list of the business’s postal orders placed between Sept and November 2018 to use as test data in four comma delimited text files, which can be found on your firm’s Intranet (CIS1000 Study Desk). 

Dr Colin Matthews, your manager, has set up the following tasks for you to complete for this phase of the project:

Create a Database and import the four (4) Text files into four (4) Tables

Modify Table Design

Set Primary Keys

Create Relationships between the Tables

Edit Customers Table

Create Data and Update Queries

Create Data Display Forms

Create an Invoice Report

Create an End of Project Presentation to the Client

AT is the country code for Austria (their currency is the Euro)

LC is the country code for Saint Lucia (their currency is the East Caribbean Dollar)

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