Should the corporation have legal and ethical obligations to society

 1.topic:Should the corporation have legal and ethical obligations to society beyond promoting the private interests—maximizing profits—of shareholders? Why does Friedman refer to ‘social responsibility’ as a ‘dangerous doctrine’? Does Garrett’s main character (Mr. Galt) behave the way he ought to, according to Friedman? How does Glasbeek’s critique of the ethical justification of capitalism represent a respon 2.thesizing Course Materials You are required to draw on one of the films Surviving Progress or The Corporation or the creative readings by Rice, Garrett and Steinbeck to illustrate your understanding of the key concepts raised in the text(s) you will be analyzing. The essay writing process involves several preliminary stages: formulating a working thesis, organizing your notes and constructing an essay plan. Please review the guidelines and SPARK links from the first essay instruct 3.Your essay must start with a comprehensive introduction which includes: i. The position the author takes on the key question; ii. Your thesis; and iii. An explanation of how your essay will be organized.

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