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 Description You are working for Tourism Kamloops. Review their website to ensure you understand their mandate and their goals. Wildfires, over the past two or three years, have presented significant challenges for tourism in the region. Visitors are not confident in making plans to travel. They are unsure not only about their overall safety and the economic consequences of planning a holiday that they cannot take due to fires, but also about the air quality and what activities they could do in a region when there is smoke. To understand the situation, do some research into media coverage from the last two years (especially in the Kelowna area) focused on the implications for tourism. In preparation for the upcoming Summer 2019 season, you will prepare a Media Relations Plan and a package of PR material for the Media Room to help increase visitor confidence in the Kamloops region, even with the threat of wildfires. You also want to provide both visitors and tourism providers with key information about what happens if wildfires become and issue. You will need to think carefully about the different goals and objectives for your media plan, as well as different audience groups. Finally, think carefully about the range of tourism businesses and opportunities in the area and the kinds of practical information that could be provided. Deliverables: 1. Media Plan. Prepare a Media Plan for the time period between March 1 and May 30, 2019. Use the template provided in class. How will you engage potential visitors to the area through the media? How will you engage the media to show interest and create coverage of tourism potential in the area? Remember, your plan should include both an emphasis on what visitors can do here as well as information on how they might be affected by Wildfires, and the kinds of help or support that will be available. 2. Media Room Content. As part of your media plan, you must produce 2 Press Releases, 1 Media alert (story ideas), and 1 Explore Kamloops blog post. Remember to select topics that are designed to reduce concern about travelling during wildfire season and/or that provide excellent information for tourists, as well as tourism providers, about what to do when wildfires become an issue. Tips: · Use the information from class readings and class notes to help with structure and content · Aim for professional voice and style. Marking Criteria Based on 5 Point Scale: 1-2 Not done/Inadequate 3 Attempted but not satisfactory 3.5 Satisfactory 4 Good 4.5/5 Excellent professional work. Criteria Score (5 Point Scale) Comments Presentation. Professional tone, clear style, accurate grammar. Media Plan Fulfill expectations of the form; plan includes all relevant elements. Strategic connections between goal/objectives and proposed strategies. Relevance to case study with overall coherent planning Practical tactics are feasible, relevant to audience and context. Press Releases, Media Alerts, Blog Fulfills expectations of the form – correct structure, includes all requires elements Relevant and feasible content in the context of the scenario Goal – original, creative, good hook, generates interest Total (/25)

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