Description THEORIES AND WORLDVIEW ESSAY Purpose To write an essay in which you compare the foundational features of your worldview with the foundational features of one developmental theory discussed in our course materials. Background Every person who has ever lived bases his or her life on a set of basic assumptions. These assumptions form the foundation of his or her worldview. One’s worldview influences his or her work. This is true of everyone. For this paper we will identify worldview assumptions evident in the work of developmental theorists. Using this information, we will identify one theory that is compatible with our own personal worldview and write an essay describing and supporting our evaluation of this theory. To review, remember that one’s worldview can be identified by answering these five questions: 1. How did it all begin? This is the question of origins. 2. Who am I? This is the question of identity. 3. What is my purpose? This is the question of meaning. 4. Does truth exist? This is the question of morality. 5. Is this all there is? This is the question of destiny. Tasks Write a brief* essay addressing the following topics: 1) Identify and explore important assumptions from your worldview by answering the questions listed above (in paragraph form; not a numbered list of questions). 2) Briefly describe key concepts and features of one developmental theory. In your discussion of this theory identify at least two important worldview assumptions described in our course materials. 3) Compare your worldview beliefs with the worldview beliefs evident in the developmental theory you have chosen. In what ways is your worldview compatible with this theorist? In what ways is your worldview different? Provide one or two practical examples to support your statements. *Your essay must include at least 500, but no more than 800 words. Please edit your work to stay within these parameters. Requirements 1. Identify your sources! APA guidelines require that a citation be used to identify any/all sources of information that are not considered common knowledge. 2. Do not include direct quotes; instead paraphrase information about your chosen theory. Remember that your source must be identified with a citation even if you rewrite the information in your own words. 3. Your assignment will include the following: • An APA-formatted title page. • 2 – 3 pages of text (at least 500, but not more than 800 words). • An APA-formatted reference page. 4. Please edit your work to stay within the assignment parameters. Stay on topic, and write in a clear manner.


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