Sport and Canada’s Indigenous People

The essay must have a thesis and present an argument or analysis of the issues based upon primary and/or secondary scholarly research. As a thesis statement is included in the list of topics, students may incorporate the statement anywhere in the essay or create their own to address a smaller issue within the topic or broadly as it is stated. Each paper is to represent original and independent work; students may not use any material from an essay previously handed in for this course or for another course. The final essay should include: • 5 pages of text (excluding title page and reference page) typed, double spaced with one-inch margins, in American Psychological Association (APA) format. Font: Times New Roman, 12-point size. • A minimum of 4 academic sources (peer reviewed; not newspapers or magazines such as Sports Illustrated) must be included in the essay. • Academic literature (citing direct or indirect quotes) and the student’s own words to support a particular premise or thesis. • A title page (see sample on Sakai) • A reference list on a separate page. Electronic references must state a document title or description, a date (either the date of publication or date of retrieval) and address (URL). Exemplars (excellent examples) of referencing formats and reference page will be posted on Sakai to assist students. See ‘Electronic Media’ APA Publication manual, 6th edition. Canada’s indigenous peoples have experienced overt and covert forms of racism in their sport participation but nevertheless have had a significant influence upon the development of Canadian sport. Discuss the influence of Canada’s Indigenous peoples upon the development of Canadian physical activity, considering both their cultural games as well as sports in which they were excluded. Thesis: An expanding network of exchange relationships between Indigenous peoples and European colonists in the economic domain or cultural sphere also included shared experiences in contests of physicality, tests of strength, races, and games that would influence the development of Canadian physical activity. (Agree/disagree) Forsyth, J. & Giles, A. (Eds.) (2013). Aboriginal peoples and sport in Canada: historical foundations and contemporary issues. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press. (in library E 78 C2 A1485 2013) Downey, A. & Neylan, S. (2015). Raven plays ball: Situating “Indian Sports Days” within Indigenous colonial spaces in twentieth-century coastal British Columbia. Canadian Journal of History, 50(3), 442-468. Hurl, C. (2016). Governing Indigenous sports and recreation, 1972-2008: Citizenship regimes, nation-building, and the politics of ambivalence. Journal of Canadian Studies, 50(3), 727-755. Morrow, D., & Wamsley, K. B. (2013). Sport in Canada: A history (3rd ed.). Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press Canada.

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