sexual harassment

 (Sexual harassment is the “idea” in every sentence mentioned) Description: reflect on how and why sexual harassment “idea” is useful to the study of deviance and/or crime. Relevance: Here, you will discuss how this idea challenges common sense/common knowledge assumptions about people or activities that are deemed deviant or illegal. It is often good to reflect on how this idea changed your own thoughts or assumptions or address an assumption that is common among people you know or among the media you’ve seen. It is also appropriate here to discuss the implications that this idea has for how deviance is studied or explained by sociologists or other professionals that might be concerned with deviance Application: Here, you will pick some kind of deviant activity or identity (ex: cannabis use, assault, sexual Identity etc.) and discuss how this idea could affect how we understand or deal with that activity or identity. Here you might discuss how the idea applies in certain situations better than others. You might also discuss how the idea affects the way that your example of deviance is controlled. It is important to try to work with a wide range of deviance throughout the term and not just work with forms of deviance you are the most comfortable discussing. Concerns: In the “concerns” section you will be discussing any problems or shortcomings that the idea you are discussing might have. These can take the form of criticisms or questions that might show the limitations of the idea. Your concerns might be related to the “relevance” or “application” sections. If you are asking questions, make sure to give some context and explain how the question is relevant to themes of the class. – writing should be straight to the point and concise, with in text citation as well as a reference page if references were used. a total of 500 to 600 words not including references. there’s no need for an introduction and a conclusion, it’s not an essay/ Responses must be in full sentences (i.e. not point form) and should use subheadings when moving from one topic to the next.

#sexual #harassment

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