Running head: STI IN THE ELDERLY 2 STI IN THE ELDERLY 2 Learner Name Psy290 Life Span Development WK 7: STI in the Elderly Faculty

Running head: STI IN THE ELDERLY 2


Learner Name

Psy290 Life Span Development

WK 7: STI in the Elderly

Faculty name

Chamberlain University

Month, Year

STI In the Elderly

This is your introduction. This paper is 2 pages (BODY – not counting the title nor reference pages), so you will need a true introduction. This paragraph IS your introduction. It needs to be a full paragraph in 5 sentences, academically written (complete sentences, no quotes, third person, etc.), and contain support from your EDAPT concepts. Here you want to examine the issue of individuals over the age of 60 contracting and passing sexually transmitted infections. I recommend beginning your introduction by defining late adulthood (paraphrased – no quoting) and then moving into the ideal that the elderly population is sexually active. Conclude your introduction by stating the focus of this paper will be to examine those infection rates, providing 3 reasons why the elderly is contracting/passing STI’s at a higher than their younger counterparts, and providing 2 possible solutions for curbing the issue. Remember that anytime you use ideas that are not your own, there should be an APA style in-text citation so that your reader knows the original source of those ideas or definitions.

STI in the Elderly Phenomenon

This section is going to look at those actual rates of infection of STIs in the elderly. ONLY look at the rates of infection, NOT the how and why (you will discuss those next). When talking about those infection rates, make sure to discuss anything pertinent to those rates of infection. Some examples of these would include: males, females, widowed, culture, ethnicity, religious preferences, and living environment (for example home, retirement community, assisted living, etc.). This section should be 1-2 paragraphs, be academically written, and include at least 1 resource (EDAPT, or Scholarly Resource). The
last sentence in this section should be a statement, listing the three reasons for high rates of STI in the elderly. Remember to use APA style in-text citations for information you use from sources.


In this section discuss the FIRST reason why the rates of STI is so high in the elderly. It should be the first reason listed in the last sentence in the section above (STI in the Elderly Phenomenon). Keep it to one key point here. Use the research to really explain HOW the rates of STI are so much higher in the elderly OVER their younger counterparts. Write academically and cite often. Include at least 1 scholarly resource here in addition to your EDAPT concepts. This section should be 1 paragraph that is 5-sentence long.


In this section you will introduce the idea that the medical community is likely to encounter elderly populations who have contracted (and often passed) an STI. It is important to identify possible solutions to curb the issue. This section should only be 5 sentence long, be academically written and include citation where necessary. The
last sentence of this paragraph should be a statement listing the two solutions.

Summary and Conclusion

In this section you will simply summarize the information discussed. Keep it third person. Although it is a conclusion, you are summarizing the findings discussed, so citation is necessary. This section should only be 1 paragraph that is 5 sentence long.


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Remember: ALL resources used MUST be both cited and referenced. This assignment requires you use your EDAPT concepts (I have placed the reference above for you), the course text, and at least 2 scholarly resources from the library. As the course text does NOT include a chapter on late adulthood, add one additional scholarly or professional-credible resource. Your EDAPT concepts are a professional-credible resource. Below are some resources to help you with your resource in text citation and referencing, finding scholarly research in Chamberlain’s Library AND reviewing your Turnitin report to avoid accidental plagiarism. Delete ALL prior to

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