The Broken Men: African American Historical Trauma and Stigmatization

This assignment is based on the essay outline and bibliography assignment (s. there) and needs to incorporate the feedback and/or recommendations given by the course director on that earlier assignment. This evidence-based essay should have an overall length of 2000 to 2500 words plus references and bibliography. It represents the longer, full version of the […]

An essay that analyzes how Seth Holmes’ work Fresh Fruit, Broken

Topic 2) Beginning in the late 1960s and early 1970s, anthropologists began to develop critical perspective on their own discipline and called for new forms of anthropological research and/or writing. Write an essay that analyzes how Seth Holmes’ work Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies can be seen as building from earlier critiques of anthropology. The essay […]

Abolition: Broken Promises

Film Links Exam 1   Not for Ourselves Alone Part 1 (2 links): 1   2     The West ep. 5 (in-class excerpt; 1 link):–hM6_NXA6NO9OTkRSjVPU/view?usp=sharing     Lincoln (4 links total): 1–PqydSecUt2UuDidXdewaTtqR78A/view?usp=sharing   2–onMIsUGWbe_lH_lY99MudknmLd/view?usp=sharing   3   4     Abolition: Broken Promises (2 links): 1–uwbssGPN6XTNxa0SNwE/view?usp=sharing […]

Define and discuss Broken Windows.

 Define and discuss Broken Windows, including the theoretical origins. This is a form of policing. Define community-based policing. Does Broken Windows fit this definition? Why or why not? Why does Alex S.Vitale (The End of Policing) believe that reforming the justice system is not enough? Why does Alex S.Vitale (The End of Policing) argue that […]