Assignment 6: The Judicial System in England and China

The website for the Judiciary of England and Wales provides an interesting page where you can read about some typical cases and decide what sentence you would pass. You hear the case, you decide the sentence, and then you see how your sentence compares with the actual sentence passed in this realistic simulation of the sentencing […]

Banks and other financial institutions in China.

 The examination answers should be typed in 12 point characters and at 1.5 line spacing. You may use any source material to answer the questions that you think are appropriate. Internet sources must have active links and foreign language materials must have English translations of the title and publisher. For further details regarding the Faculty […]

MNC Management and Operation in China

Description Main research tasks: Study the basic principles of management and operation of multinational companies, and explore the competitive advantages of Chinese multinational corporations and their impact on international trade. Propose solutions to the factors restricting the development of Chinese transnational corporations. Put forward Suggestions or countermeasures to promote the development of China’s international business […]

Japan’s interest in China

 Description This is a long essay exam. You will write 1 essays, should be five paragraphs long, minimum word-count requirement of 350 words. There is no maximum word count but students who do well typically stay between 400-600 words. The first paragraph should introduce the topic and contain a thesis statement. It should contain between […]

If Mike goes ahead with setting up a small company in China, what

Task 2: 1000 words; 20 marks   If Mike goes ahead with setting up a small company in China, what considerations will need to be taken into account regarding staffing and management of those staff?   Reference: Adapted from Mukherji S., 2013; Cultural Barriers. Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics(online); available at #Mike #ahead #setting […]

Environment issues in China

You will need to surf legitimate news sites and find an article about a geography-related issue pertaining to your chosen country. The article must by dated within the past three months. It may be about weather, hazards, environmental issues or policies. Please summarize the article in 750 to 1200 words. You must include the website […]

Financial crisis in China and US: Where and how do you see a crisis in

Financial crisis in China and US   This year is the eleven-year anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis. Looking back at those eleven years, we have experienced a very solid market rebound in equities and a healthy economy. Meanwhile the level of debt in the US has increased to almost $21 Trillion and many economist […]

The opening up of China to Britain during the first half of the 19th

The paper needs to focus on the close relationship between China, United Kingdom and India. It should include social, political and economic aspects. Background information needs to be briefly mentioned in order to introduce the reader to the topic and to develop a contextual understanding. The essay needs to also focus on the trade of […]

Why are the ancient legends of China of interest to historians?

You must use at least one appropriate scholarly source and one appropriate primary source. Double check with your professor to make sure the sources are appropriate.  DO support your argument with brief, appropriate quotations from the primary sources, properly cited and with quotation marks. Quotations from secondary sources (properly cited and with quotation marks) […]

Real estate of China

 Your paper topic(s) should be as narrowly defined as possible. If you already have specific research questions in mind, you may discuss them instead. There should be at least six entries for your annotated bibliography, and they should all be academic research papers or policy papers. Please use proper and consistent citation style for your […]