Descartes’ Evil Demon

 Write a 2-3 page paper addressing the following prompt: What is Descartes’ Dream Argument and Evil Demon argument and how do the two differ on what we can be skeptical about? Provide one response to the skepticism raised in Descartes’ Meditations. In addressing this prompt, you can and should use the reading from Descartes as […]

Explain and evaluate the problem of evil.

 1-Your response should be one paragraph long and it should explain the answer in your own words. It should also refer to the textbook, it should indicate the page number, and it should contain quotation marks around any direct quotes from the book. 2-Write a question based on the chapter’s material. 3-Answers may come from […]

the PROBLEM of EVIL as interpreted by JUDAIC, CHRISTIAN, ISLAMIC and

The first half of this course has examined the NATURE of GOD within the major theistic religious traditions of the world, WEST, and EAST, by interpreting and analyzing TWO COSMOGONIES (myths of creation); GENESIS, Chapter One, and THE LAWS OF MANU, Chapter one. reference was also made to the PROBLEM OF EVIL that arrives from […]