Discuss the American ideology of individualism, freedom and liberty

How different was that ideology at its beginning from what it became in 1800? How was this ideological view changed by their interactions with the British government? Answer the following prompts 3-5 page essay using proper MLA format and ample (3-4) pieces of evidence to support your thesis. Type your answer In a word document […]

Eric Foner, Chapter 15: “What is Freedom?: Reconstruction, 1865-1877”

1.) Read and interpret the Dunning article (Note: you can use Wikipedia or any of the YouTube videos that feature Eric Foner to help you understand the Dunning School interpretation of Reconstruction). Then, you should read/review chapter 15 from the Foner textbook and review your notes from class lectures on Reconstruction. 2.) Explore the primary […]

Freedom Of Speech

 In a 2-4 page paper, double-spaced, discuss the 1st Amendment considerations for the following scenario: a group of friends have been arrested for disorderly conduct at a football game for shouting at passers-by after the game things such as “you guys suck” and “your team is a bunch of inbred hicks.” Also, upon being arrested […]

Voice of Freedom

 In 200-500 words, discuss the following questions in ESSAY form: Introduction with thesis statement Body Conclusion Make sure to cite the page numbers of material you use from the textbook. Include examples from the primary sources in the CH 3, VOICES OF FREEDOM section: From “Memorial against Non-English Immigration (pg. 92) AND “Letter by a […]

Considering Cora’s long route to freedom from Georgia through South

Question #2: The Roots and Routes of African Diasporas: Considering Cora’s long route to freedom from Georgia through South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana and beyond, what was the meaning of freedom for her and other enslaved black women? Noting Kossola’s remembrance of his African roots, what was the meaning of freedom for him? Using […]