The Romanist Theory suggests that some medieval towns were successors

Choose one of the following topics for Assignment #1: 1. Submit an annotated bibliography about an ancient (pre-industrial) city established in either the Near East (Mesopotamia, the Nile Valley, or the Indus Valley) or Mesoamerica (Aztec, Maya, or Inca). There should be ten (10) sources followed by a summary of each source. Do not make […]

Margot Fassler writes in Music in the Medieval West that “[t]he male

Music subject, ready the prompt carefully.Musical Examples: Bernart de Ventadorn Can vei la lauzeta mover Comtessa de Dia A chantar Marcabru L’autrier jost’una sebissa Guiraut de Bornelh + Raimbaut d’Aurenga Ara’m platz William IX, Duke of Aquitaine Companho, farai un vers qu’er covinen Readings: Taruskin, Music from the Earliest Notations to the Sixteenth Century Chapter […]

what are the three types of horses that medieval knights used and for

Lyrical Essay (an academic defense of a creative work by its author) 3 page (minimum) 3 secondary sources (minimum) MLA format First person is preferred Suggestions for Secondary sources: Other works that you like reading or that talk about the same things that you do in your creative work (the fractured family in the Simpsons […]