Article to Analyze for Rhetorical

 Description Read Catherine Ford’s article as well as this example Rhetorical Analysis of her article, which includes comments like the ones you will be making during peer review. Then, find an article (anything that is making an argument) and begin to analyze it for your Rhetorical Analysis; refer to the directions on pg. 120 in […]

“A Room of One’s Own” Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Pick any major passage in the book, “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf, and analyze it more or less. Identify the rhetorical strategies she uses (like facts, pathos, questions, diction) to deliver her point. Construct a thesis that is the last sentence of the intro paragraph. Please write an introduction paragraph, 3 body […]

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: A Famous Speech

Format: MLA style paper (12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spacing, page numbers) Basic Requirements: You must complete your Library’s Research Tutorial before library class day on Tuesday, 22 Jan and before beginning your research. Find it at: 4-5 pages, use MLA Style paper (heading on upper left, double-spaced, page numbers – see […]

Rhetorical Situation Analysis (RSA)

Read the assigned text then answer the questions below. Write your responses in the form of short answers to each question. You will later use these responses to develop your comparative rhetorical analysis. As you prepare your answers, consult Rhetorical Choices chapters 1-3 for explanations of key terms. 1. When and where did this text […]


 In 800 to 1000 words, APA, MLA, IEEE, or Chicago style, discuss the following for your selected article: Topic:- The rhetorical situation (all parts, refer to the Field Guide Reading from week 1: Identifying Ethos, pathos, logos – with examples from the given topic Organization of content Your opinion on the purpose, position, […]

Rhetorical analysis of MLKs “Letter to Birmingham”

Analyze the argument of an article. This analysis should be organized by a main claim, or thesis, which includes both analytical and evaluative components. Essentially, you must ask and answer: How does this essay accomplish its argumentative purpose, and how well does it address its intended audience or satisfy the expectations of its genre? the […]

Rhetorical Analysis Essay – DNA by Kendrick Lamar

As an artifact for my rhetorical analysis, I chose the song “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar from his most recent and provocative album “Damn”, released in 2017. Living in a Trump-era America, we face many social issues  such as gender and race inequality, police brutality, and a rise in hate crimes across the country. It is […]

Rhetorical Analysis of a News Event

This is a roughly 1000-1500 word rhetorical analysis of a current news event, examining the ways that news outlets with different audiences and agendas present the same incident. You will select a story that is currently being widely covered and examine the ways the coverage differs and overlaps between outlets. This will include analysis of […]

Rhetorical artifact: Evaluation is to consider what came before it,

The final assignment for this class is to take an event or rhetorical artifact (this could be something from the media or even a movie) and analyze it from a rhetorical perspective. To do so is to look at it critically and ask yourself why it is rhetorical and how. Evaluation is to consider what […]