Global Sourcing Model (Supply Chain Security Management)

Task back to top A major supermarket chain in Brazil, Compretudo sources six different product lines from two different countries. Three product lines, described as shipments A, B and C come from different sources in your country. Please identify this country. This is the Group 1 consignment. The other three product lines, described as shipments […]

FBUY3411 Sourcing and Supply: Sustainable Global Sourcing Report

Overview:  To remain competitive fashion retailers need to ensure they not only develop commercial product, but ensure they deliver to the right place at the right time, profitably. To achieve this, retailers must develop an effective, sustainable supply chain for each product.   Task:  You will assume the role of a Buyer for a named […]


Christopher A. Bartlett, Vincent Dessain, and Anders Sjöman) How should Marianne Barner have responded to the request for Ikea to have a representative appear on the broadcast of the German video program? What actions she should have taken concerning Ikea’s supply contract with Rangan Exports? What if any long-term strategies you would have recommended to […]