Sustainable Urbanism: Eco-Neighborhoods

Short report on an Econeighbourhood / Ecodistrict Case study The objective is to produce a short memo (600 – 800 words / 2 or 3 pages) that summarizes an example of Econeighbourhood (or Ecodistrict, Ecoquartier, etc.) enabling comparison and critical discussion on the achievement, limitations, challenges, or transferable innovations of several Ecodistricts around the world. […]

FBUY3411 Sourcing and Supply: Sustainable Global Sourcing Report

Overview:  To remain competitive fashion retailers need to ensure they not only develop commercial product, but ensure they deliver to the right place at the right time, profitably. To achieve this, retailers must develop an effective, sustainable supply chain for each product.   Task:  You will assume the role of a Buyer for a named […]

Sustainable Tourism and Indigenous Culture Topic Annotated

 complete EIGHT(8) individual bibliographies and each annotated bibliography summary should be about 100 – 200 words per citation: 1.Du Pisani, Jacobus (2006) Sustainable development – historical roots of the concept, Environmental Sciences, 3:2, 83-96 2.Saarinen, J. (2006) Traditions of Sustainability in Tourism Studies, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 33, No. 4 pp 1121 – […]

“The concept of sustainable development, or ecologically sustainable

Research Instructions As this is a research essay, you must locate, digest and apply a significant amount of authoritative and relevant material. You must undertake research and cite sources that go beyond the course readings. Please only list items that you have actually read and used. These should total at least twenty items including court […]

creating sustainable food production that will support healthy bee

Objectives: 1. To explore the contribution of bees to food production 2. To evaluate the impacts that industrial agriculture has, particularly the use of pesticides, on bee populations and consequently on the services they provide. 3. To suggest solutions/strategies to improve the current issue (Solutions can involve individual actions, economic or political strategies). Guidelines:  […]