ANXIETY, OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE AND RELATED, AND TRAUMA AND STRESSOR-RELATED DISORDER Anxiety disorders provide a good opportunity to take a close look at the nature/nurture debate as well as the gene/environment interactions that influence the nervous system and neurochemistry. A significant part of most of Sigmund Freud’s theories, the concept of anxiety has been debated and discussed […]

Menard & Arter (2013). Police Officer Alcohol Use and Trauma

READ: Menard & Arter (2013).  Police Officer Alcohol Use and Trauma Symptoms: Associations With Critical Incidents, Coping, and Social Stressors. International Journal of Stress Management  Vol. 20, No. 1, 37–56   RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:    1.         What is the Problem that is being identified by this study? 2.         What are the Research Questions AND Hypotheses in this study? […]

The Broken Men: African American Historical Trauma and Stigmatization

This assignment is based on the essay outline and bibliography assignment (s. there) and needs to incorporate the feedback and/or recommendations given by the course director on that earlier assignment. This evidence-based essay should have an overall length of 2000 to 2500 words plus references and bibliography. It represents the longer, full version of the […]

Neurobiology, Stress and Trauma Research Presentation

This assignment is designed to assess your ability to meet the following course objectives: Critically analyze the interplay between biophysical, psychological, social, economic, spiritual and cultural forces in human development; the risks and resilience of each stage of life; major theories of human development. Practice the strengths perspective in addressing human behavior and social problems. […]

Effects of Trauma

 Stress not only affects the structure and function of the brain, but its genetic makeup as well. In this module you were introduced to the various effects stress has on each body system, including the reproductive system. New research suggests that experiencing intense psychological trauma may have a genetic impact on a person’s future children. […]

1. What are the major types of trauma? 2. What are some ways in which

1. What are the major types of trauma? 2. What are some ways in which environmental factors can result in trauma? 3. What is the difference between an abrasion and an avulsion? 4. When is it appropriate to use tetanus toxoid in prophylactic treatment? 5. When is débridement of a wound necessary? 6. How are the depth and […]

Childhood Trauma and Brain Development

 Childhood Trauma and Brain Development Assignment Overview The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the text, The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog, by Bruce D. Perry and Maia Szalavitz. By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following EPAs and practice behaviors: EPA 2.1.3: Apply critical thinking to […]