Fragmented point of view; western genre conventions; post-war context;

Demonstrate how at least TWO of the filmmaker’s creative decisions in ONE film from the block (weeks 7-11) serve to establish the film’s point of view on the characters, story and subject. Screening: The Searchers (1956, John Ford, USA) Reading: Douglas Pye (1996) ‘Double Vision: Miscegenation and Point of View in The Searchers’ in Ian […]

Great books understanding-Classics of western thought.

Read the “Lancelot”( Chrétien de Troyes ) and “the song of Roland” in the book Classics of western thought Middle Ages, Renaissance, and reformation by Karl F. Thompson. Write some ideas of the connections between Classics of western thought, confession by St. Augustine and Dante the Divine Comedy. The ideas should be about the relationships […]

Project B: Expansion into Europe •Expansion into Western Europe has a

Project B: Expansion into Europe •Expansion into Western Europe has a forecast to increase sales/revenues and cost of sales by 10% per year for 5 years. •Annual sales for the previous year were $20 million. •Start-up costs are projected to be $7 million and an upfront needed investment in net working capital of $1 million. […]

The Rise of Western Power.

 Must write one brief (1-2 page double-spaced page) analysis of how one or more of the primary sources available on the companion website to The Rise of Western Power. Explain clearly how the source(s) relate(s) to topics developed in a given chapter or subchapter, preferably placing the topic within the broader context of the chapter. […]