Law: Food for thought

Use only this website to do this assignment A completed Food for Thought post should be about 1.5 pages in length, single-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11 font and standard margins. Use a word processing application to prepare your post content, then copy/paste it to crate a new forum post. You may need to adjust your formatting when you paste the content into the Moodle forum system. Your post must include proper APA-style in-text citations, and it should include a references section. A post should consist of three components, each approximately a ½ page long. You should use the following sub-headings, and fill in the content: This made me think: • This should take the form of a reflection or commentary on a specific idea associated with the assigned reading. Your objective is to demonstrate your understanding of the material, and your ability to think critically about it. Your comment or reflection may take the form of an elaboration, a criticism, a counter-argument, an illustrative example, or a discussion regarding the connection(s) between a concept from the reading in question and a concept previously covered in the course. I will be looking for insight, depth, and clarity in my evaluation of the ‘this made me think’ portion of the post. We should discuss this:

• Here, you should identify a specific theme or issue arising from the assigned reading that you would like to see us discuss as a group. You should dig into and explain the issue or theme in question, and explain why it warrants further discussion. This section should close with a clear discussion question to get the conversation started. Note that a discussion question must not be a ‘trivia’ question, nor should it be framed in terms of “do you agree or disagree with blah blah?” I will be looking for insightful and compelling discussion ideas and questions. Current event(s) connection: • The final section of your post should be dedicated to ‘connecting the dots’ between a central theme or argument from the assigned reading and a recent/current event or trend. You should briefly explain both the theme, the event/trend, and the nature of the connection. You should also include at least one link that readers can follow to learn more about the current event connection you have identified.

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